Gabbi & Al……………….

Sweyn House2Sweyn HouseSweyn House4Sweyn House3Sweyn House5Sweyn House6Sweyn House7

Who are you: 
 Gabbi works in communications, Al is a freelance copywriter & brand consultant


Years lived in house: Started work in February, thought about it for a few months before that.

Age of Property: Regency

Favourite colours / materials to work with: Currently trying to resist painting every room a different shade of green – favourites are Little Greene Canton, and Farrow and Ball Green Smoke. And books – the only furniture you need

Inspiration: The piles of interiors magazines that prevent reading of books

Most successful thing about the house: Deciding to go for it – it’ll take years but every time we walk through the front door and see the beautiful stairwell we can’t quite believe it is ours

The thing you would change about the house: There isn’t an obvious place for anything really, which is part of its charm, but also may mean we’re cooking on a camp stove for the next few years whilst we decide where to put the kitchen

Best thing about where you live: The beach at the end of the road, the colour of the sea on any day of the year, the magic about the place we felt the first January weekend we visited almost 3 years ago. And the most friendly people.

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