Gary & Margit………….

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Who are you: Gary & Margit
Location: Lombard Street, Margate
Years lived in house: 3 years
Age of Property: Originates from the late 1600’s
Favourite colours / materials to work with (in renovating / decorating): We were very lucky to be able to work with some fantastic materials such as limecrete for walls and floors and left these to reveal their raw beauty rather than cover them. Local retro finds and upcycled cast iron radiators. Seeing the combination of rough old timbers, smooth new oak and structural steel RSJ’s sitting side by side in the completed kitchen. For colour we kept to a minimal palette using Farrow and Ball “Bone” and “Light Gray” throughout to unify the old parts with the new. The textures of the limecrete and oiled floorboards are particularly fantastic in the changing light conditions.
Inspiration: A combination of modern architecture and Scandinavian design (reflecting Margit’s heritage) gave us the vision. The sea, sand and sun inspired us and Margate’s get up and do it culture then convinced us we could actually pull the project off. 
Most successful thing about the house: When we set out there was a difficult balance between creating an ultra-modern living space yet retaining the traditional feel of what is a small and quintessentially English seaside cottage. We clearly needed to respect its rich history and Grade II listing. This balance has worked fantastically well and Sam Causer (our Architect for the project) was spot on with the design outcome.
The thing you would change about the house: Nothing particularly as the house was there long before we came along. But if we could add a few inches to the ceiling height then it would be perfect. Also the front wall seems to be sweating through its breathable exterior paintwork. We do need to fix that!
Best thing about where you live: Visiting the vibrant bars, restaurants, shops and galleries scattered around The Old Town, an ever changing and dynamic location with friendly locals who always seem to have time for a chat.

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