What happened to The Curio!?

layoutSo having done a little interview with beachwalk muse recently I decided to do a quick post – its been a while – this time it’s about me!

So life has changed dramatically recently, my world has become suddenly smaller but much greater emotionally. Each day revolves around my daughter ‘Dulcie’ born 16th Feb 2014, a date forever ingrained in my mind. She consumes every moment, be it feeding, burping, washing her, cuddling her, trying to get her to sleep and when she is asleep I’m still thinking about her – is she warm enough? is she cold? is she happy? what does her future hold? will I be a good mother to her?  future holidays, fun we will have in the summer on the beach, will the hair grow back on the top of her head!? and then just contentment to have her here with us.

She has just started smiling……and I would do anything to be on the receiving end of one of those smiles, they just make you feel so heart warmingly good. To receive one of those smiles is the best feeling in the world, as the corners of her little mouth turn up and her little eyes burn holes into me my inner voice screams “she loves me! she thinks I’m funny, I’ve made her happy, I’ve done something good!” for one so small she has total and utter control of two fully grown adults, already she has us wrapped around her little finger, she knows a cry will get her picked up, its amazing how quickly an ‘it’s the end of the world wail’ can turn in an instance into a massive beaming and somewhat pleased with herself grin. We would do absolutely anything for her. Her dad dances around the room generally behaving like a loon just to make her laugh. He wouldn’t do that for just anyone, he’s totally hooked.

This weekend we’ve had our first panic and trip to the hospital, a simple ear infection was the cause. Dulcie can only communicate that something is wrong by crying and screaming and repeatedly smacking herself about the face and ears – as a new parent this is an incredibly stressful sight to behold and one i certainly didn’t take in my stride but hopefully I have learnt from this and with every upset and bug that occurs in the future I will deal with it and calm her and make her feel safe like my mum did for me……

For now this is life, making sure Dulcie’s first few months of life on planet earth are as painless, happy and fun as possible. As soon as I am able Dulcie and I will be out and about camera in hand reconnecting with the world outside our door. The Curio will be back and a list of properties and people are already mounting. The Resort darkroom will start to take shape this year and together with my partner in crime ‘Kim’ there will be loads of workshops on offer and fun to be had. The future is bright! (and a little bit exciting!)



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