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Who are you? I’m Julian Newick, owner of The Lifeboat Ale And Cider House in Margate and The Chapel in Broadstairs.

Why Broadstairs? Question should perhaps be “Why Margate?” as that came first. Well, I wanted to run a business close to home in Cliftonville, employ local people and sell local produce. Margate was the only choice for me, and it turned out to be the right choice. Margate’s come such a long way in the last three years! In the end it came down to finding the right property. 1 Market Street came up before 44/46 Albion Street!

How do you define style? Blimey don’t ask me to define style. I don’t think anyone would take me seriously! Ten coats in the winter and only three in the summer. Permanent t-shirt under shirt whatever the weather. Tweed jacket. Doc Martens. Paul Smith / Armani…you must be joking…only get sprayed with beer.

Can you share any special seaside memories from your childhood? Yes, people, lots of people…visiting Margate. Sunbeam snappers. Dreamland. Saint Mildred‘s Bay beach chalet. Putting greens. Fishing. Rock pools. Shrimping. Margate Iron Jetty / Pier. Busy High Streets. More people. Pubs on every corner. Space Invaders / Defender. Snooker at The Regal. Soul music.

What couldn’t you live without? Family and friends. Oh and a good pint.

Biggest extravagance bought for the pub? Hammond Organ C3 rescued from a church in Nottingham with a little help from Nigel.

Best and worst experience renovating / setting up the pub? It just seems to take forever to get it just right. You know…finding all the little bits and pieces to make it special. Things like pictures and artifacts (thanks to the late Mick Twyman). Great to see people relaxing and enjoying themselves. No worst bits really. Lots of little frustrations but that’s nothing.

What would you buy if you won the lottery? The timber and steel to rebuild Margate Jetty.

Best advice you’ve been given? Never give up, and many other unprintable gems.

What building would you like to be locked in overnight? The Monkey House in London Zoo so that I can see how the other half live.

Best place for a drink other than The Chapel? Shipwright’s Arms, Hollowshore. If you like quirky and isolated combined with great ale this is it.

If you were Mayor for a day what would you do? Get Margate it’s own council back so that we have Margate people deciding things for Margate.

Who are your heroes? The British Armed Forces past and present. If it weren’t for them, coupled with some good, old-fashioned British stubbornness and backbone, life as we know it would not exist.

What advice would you give to some one opening a similar business? Don’t try it as a hobby. It’ll take over your life completely!

If you were an animal what would you be? A tanuki (Japanese raccoon dog). Intelligent, hardy and with magic powers.

Favourite place to think? Crikey there is no one place. Wish I could stop thinking for a while. Give the brain a rest.

Object of desire? A Thames sailing barge on which to live and moor up in some inaccessible creek.

Favourite place to eat?  Bebeached, Ambrette, Possilippo, Fort’s, T Stall, Angela’s Cafe, Vinny’s, Palm Bay Cafe, Royal Harbour Brasserie, Age and Sons, Oscar’s Festival Cafe, Wyatt and Jones, Newington Fish Bar………….

Describe your perfect day. Day out on the motorcycle without a care I the world. Hasn’t happened recently but I live in hope.

What are your goals for 2013? Take a holiday.

ROUND UP: The grade II listed St Mary’s Chapel, Albion Street, Broadstairs, was built on the site of the shrine of Our Lady of Bradstow – dated 1601 when it was adapted for Protestant worship. Flint-faced with red brick quoins and hipped tiled roof, this building would have once stood alone but now merges with contemporary buildings on a busy street. Previous to the Ale house the Chapel was a bookshop, which still makes up much of its interior décor. Beautiful arched windows upstairs bathe the upper balcony in serene light. The unusual ingredients of Ale, books, religion and history perfectly combine in The Chapel.

The Chapel, 44-46 Albion Street, Broadstairs.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Ironmongery provided by Mark Howe, Broadstairs  metalcrafts, Unit D5, Thanet Enterprise Zone. Tel 07828001607.

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