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Who are you? A quirky little pub off the beaten track. Why Ramsgate? It’s dead cool in winter and tasty in summer.

How do you define style? A pint of Gadds real ale, a roaring fire and a few old time tunes on the Dansette and a pair of brogues and a dapper hat from Breuer & Dawson.

First Ramsgate memory? Coffee in one of the harbour bars, thinking “this place is like St Tropez”!

What couldn’t you live without? Kids, the bus, cups of tea & Waitrose.

Biggest extravagance bought for the pub? The decision to move the bar from the right side to the left, and just to hear those immortal words, “didn’t the bar used to be……”

Best and worst experience setting up the pub? Bringing people together in somewhere they want to be, no worst experience.

What would you buy if you won the lottery? Addington Street, would offer free rent to open all the independent shops & businesses again and make it again a brilliant street to visit, with shops like Madame Popoffs, Breuer & Dawson and art galleries like The Grossmith Gallery.

Best advice you’ve been given? Do & Hope.

What building would you like to be locked in overnight? The Ramsgate tunnels just to freak ourselves out or Belvidere Place in Broadstairs, just so I could eat the breakfast there!

Best place for a drink other than the Queen Charlotte? Caboose, Age & Sons, Brasserie at the end of Ramsgate pier, Belgian Bar, The Church & The Lifeboat.

If you were Mayor for a day what would you do? Declare Thanet Independence.

Who are your hero’s? Johnny Cash & Bob Marley.

What advice would you give to some one opening a similar business?  You need deep pockets, cool shoes and a head for heights.

If you were an animal what would you be? Jack Russell / poodle cross.

Any exciting events to look forward to coming up at the QC? The QC will be hosting lots of Pop Up restaurant nights this year, Japanese Banquets, South American dining, Asian feasts, British ‘cor blimey’ nights, keeping it fresh. New art exhibitions in the Gallery upstairs, changing quarterly, next one opens in a few weeks. Our special event nights posted on Facebook will keep us dancing and a reason to dress up! We’re also planning to open the bedrooms upstairs to take overnight/holiday guests…

Who would you most like to serve a pint to? Anyone eccentric with a bonkers game plan.

Do you have any grand plans for 2013?  Always got grand plans on the go……….

What have been the highlights for you from 2012? Eddie Tenpole Tudor playing at the pub, Addington Street Fair in September, Adamski & Adrian Sherwood dj’ing, the Nat Finkelstein photo exhibition.

Any New Year’s resolutions? To sell more crisps and nuts

ROUND-UP:  The Queen Charlotte is a quirky little pub on one of Ramsgates oldest streets. Inside a warm cosy interior, log fire, low lighting. Raw walls are adorned with amazing photographs. An eccelectic mix of furnishings, 1950-60’s retro ship cocktail bar which houses the vintage record player. mismatching chairs and tables made using odd table legs from various vintage stores, a tuba & a Piano. This pub has history not just in it’s walls but also the in the collection of objects, images and furniture that have found a home inside.

WHERE TO BUY:  Interior items were found at Arch 15, Military Road, Royal Harbour, Ramsgate

Haywards, 127 – 129  King Street Ramsgate.

QC recomend Gadds Brewery,

The Queen Charlotte,  57 Addington Street, Ramsgate.

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All images ©Jo Willis

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